Notes From Your Online Kendama Fan


This is a noteworthy introduction for all those of you who enjoy having a good game of skill and chance. Let us introduce you to something entirely new. Although at this point in time is must be said that this game we would love you and your children to start playing is not entirely new. New, more or less, to the online environment which has taken off in leaps and bounds over the last few years, but, more or less, two hundred years or so old.

This is because Kendama was invented by a group of ingenious Japanese men in the early years of the nineteenth century. And in the last sixty years or so, have we not always believed and experienced that the Japanese were always so ingenious and inventive. They have brought us some fine sedans and hatchbacks to drive, all quite affordable in terms of first time purchases and long-term petrol or gas savings.

Yes, that is quite right; the Japanese have always been known to be quite industrious. They are also quite disciplined. This is not just sentiment speaking, it is born out of concrete evidence. The Japanese age well, they are quite healthy folks in comparison to the rest of the world, and they are known to be legendary savers, but not hoarders, there is a distinct difference there. But like all human beings, perhaps the Japanese could be forgiven for one weakness of their national heritage and ancient cultures and customs.

One of their favorite dishes is a variety of rich sea foods from the sea. Over the last few years, environmentalists have come down quite hard on them against the backdrop of scacre resources from the oceans where its eco-systems have been negatively impacted due to overfishing. And the Japanese stubbornly continue to enjoy what they have always enjoyed for thousands of years. Like us, they also like to let their hair down every once in a while.

They may be serious-minded and hard working, well, they work a lot harder than most of us, anyway, but they still know how to have a good time. This is the nation that brought you your karaoke. And as they say in some parts of the world, karaoke is not a joke. You would agree with this if you loved to stand up and sing in front of a crowd. And be a superstar for just one evening. The Japanese have also brought us our favorite video and online games.

We are very grateful for this contribution to the world’s youth, and it’s young at heart. But like them, we would love it if you could try out their ancient game of Kendama. It is a lot more than just crouching over your desktop in the middle of the night. It is all about harnessing your skills of co-ordination and improving your ability to always be thinking on your feet. It is healthy and safe for children to play too.